Reviews – The Art of Excavation

“This is an impressive debut that lays poetic roots in the present in order to nourish the past” Paula Green

“a remarkable and energising literary arrival” Gregory O’Brien

“The Art of Excavation is full of empathy, wit and insight” Hamesh Wyatt

“By writing about the past and the future together Tamu is challenging the common narrative that colonisation is over and done with.” Emma Barnes

“Tamu combines passion and knowledge with verbal concision and a dry tone in her poetic reportage on the South Pacific’s afflictions, shaking out her Pacific kaleidoscope to hint at examples of aggressive Christian missionary evangelism, and the presence of China in the background of many big economic developments.” David Eggleton
“Tamu’s poetry echoes the influential 1994 Tongan novel, Tales of the Titongs, which ruthlessly exposed aid and corruption” Michael J. Field
 “Its sweep of topics, places, names, events and times is ambitious and breath-taking. Here you face Oceania’s enormous headwinds and deep sea trenches, along with many other open air happenings.” Fuimaono Tuiasau