One News. A Poem for New Lynn’s Homeless

Kia ora all, while I’ve been silent on the blog I have not been quiet in real life – working full time, campaigning, parenting (surviving!) has kept me busy, but now that the house-build is finished I have a bit more time to write  – hoorah! 

So I’ve decided to kick off my I’m-back-baby-blog with a poem about homelessness and housing in the electorate that I’m standing in this year. I wrote this poem back in January 2016 when the story broke about homeless teens living in tents in New Lynn. If you didn’t catch the story you can read about it here.

I’ll let the poem speak for itself.


One News 

Auckland teens living in tents

at the back of New Lynn

shock      horror

as if this is new?

if the answer lies

in the  question then the question

is who does this shock?

this reality was voted in

in a country where milk flows

down polluted rivers

where nest-egg houses

are rotting

money buys You

a good education

We are beginning

to realise


we didn’t bank on.

The Fourth Labour Government

came and went

along with the 20th century

created a yawning       gap

for the primary opponent

to dominate

the match: 9-0

a generation-later

I look at our children

playing in the make-shift tent

we’ve pitched in our     rented    yard

and think:

if the question lies

in the answer then the answer

is home.