Hey TVNZ: Back off our Burqas

So this post is going to be short and sweet. Because the message is simple and should be straight-forward. It’s for TVNZ.

After a week of public discourse around the implications of racism in our country, your organization publishes a divisive poll with a picture of an unnamed woman on it (did you even bother to ask her permission?) and the words “Should New Zealand also ban burqas and full face veils?

I mean seriously – did you even consider how this would make NZ’s Muslim community feel? Stigmatised, targeted, discriminated against-much?! Hello: TVNZ?! I hope your senior executives have done some serious ‘Michelle Boag’ moment thinking here and realised this kind of rubbish is what lies at the heart of racist rhetoric. So from now on: can you stop asking stupid questions (that contravene people’s human rights) and Back off our Burqas!