A Green Heart

Ok so this is going to be my last #busblog for the year – cause it’s my last day of work (yes I made it – ‘just’- to the bitter-end) and I may not be as coherent on the bus-ride home. It’s been a tough year and I’m having a celebratory glass of wine after work for making it! With my close friend the fabulous Richard Pamatautau who trained for and walked the gruelling 100km Oxfam trail walker with me and our amazing team ITAV in March.

So here is the important stuff. I was up all night thinking. What will I fight for? What are the issues that matter the most to me? And if I was lucky enough to ever get to stand up for NZ citizens in Parliament how would I know I’d made a difference? Yes you can imagine it was a long night! But as with much of my analytical and creative process when I opened my eyes this morning all of the complex and multifaceted thoughts in my head had come together distilled into three distinct parts. The heart-beat if you like that drives me, motivates me, shapes and frames what I do and how I think. Three beats: Women. Leadership. Children. And for each of these and all three at once:

I will fight injustice at every turn
– in policy, process and practice

I will fight for our children’s future
– against inequality and structural discrimination

I will fight for our planet
– by treating our earth with respect and leading meaningful action against Climate Change.

That’s my Green Heart. What’s yours?
PS – Have a great Christmas all – be kind and think of our planet when you open those presents. I’m collecting wrapping paper and cards for a 2017 community craft project (happy to receive yours if you aren’t reusing them xo)