A New Kind of Politics

So here I am again – one-finger typing a blog piece. On my phone. On the bus. On the way to work. Crazy, hey? Not from where I’m sitting. You see I’m a Mum with two young children, a full time job, a husband who works shifts, paying a mortgage, project-managing a house-build, preparing to publish my second book, getting ready to make my first NZ film commission-funded short, and planning to run for Parliament in less than 12 months. Now by most people’s standards that is pretty full-on. So one-finger typing a blog piece that’s important to me, making the most of some down-time on the bus, is just one example of how I get on and do what I do. I dare to dream big, I challenge myself to see what’s possible, and give everything I do my all.

You know, I’m 34 and I’ve been through a lot of fucked up shit in my life. But despite it I’ve also accomplished a shit-load more. If there’s anyone who could justify sitting back, clocking up some capital gains, spending up a good salary on my kids and family- it’s me. But I tell you what: everything I’ve ever achieved started as an idea that other people told me was impossible.

And by stepping into politics, I am determined to change the nature of our society so the next generation of kids – and especially young women- can and will defy the odds. Starting with pay equity. Funding education- especially teachers – properly! Placing value on the role of carers – whether for children, elderly parents, or extended family- at the centre of social security policy-making.
And fundamental to all of that is recognition that in order for our society to function sustainably and cohesively we must honour and protect our environment. We must take meaningful action NOW to tackle climate change. NZ needs to buck the international trend and lead by doing, not talking. We have to show the international community what’s possible by walking the talk.

In thirty years I’ll be 64. Im sure lots of people reading this are going to say that what I want to achieve outlined in this blog post is ‘impossible’ – let’s see.